Cycle of Fashion Trend

Worst experience of a fashionista, is even worse to a friend try the oversized, more degrading wore the same dress in another part-is afraid that symbolize the clock is model fashion trend.Sometimes, fashion trends are considered fashionable, is irregular, disreputably. The operators of the sector mode is always searching for something “new” and “hot”.What is fashion trend?The trend is main where something new in continuous evolution, mainly Pisa, low and growth. Then there is the fashion trend the recent trend of the fashion industry.What is fashion trend? Your wardrobe can give you the answer. If you do not want to see, Yes. Okay. This reminds us that we match the step with the latest fashion trends. What is the relationship to fashion? People strict rules-well, maybe not “Yes”. You can be one of the people that your way to walk or dress as they please. When it comes to industry fashion, is a world in constant evolution. Although some trends are considered as ridiculous and outdated, many returning with innovative ideas.Rhythm and respawns in the latest fashion trends, now the new millennium, but most things in a way that the legs of the pants knotted, jelly bracelets, and finally denim jeans seem to be back in development. Is the latest fashion, trends are simply nothing new at all. Almost everything is resurfaced in fashion trends. Ripped jeans are available in almost every shop for clothes.Who decides what is “hot” and “no” in trends modaNon, there is no existence of the specific group that explains what’s hot fashion trend or not. In fact, designers and consumers that the mode of acquisition of goods make their assessment and throw the various opinions and observe what is caught.In essence, “we”, the consumer decides what merchandise is hot in our mind what to buy and wear.The tendency of the bicycle modaPrima part of the cycle, where the trend is very driven out immediately after seeing this large Hat fashionable, dress or shoes on the track, on the red carpet or music videos. Then comes the stage of emulation, which all want a piece of the trend. Only by bigwigs, celebrity and fashion industry tend strategy straight out of the track, which has not yet been found in stores.During the second phase, you will see this newbie in newspapers, television and the internet. The trend will finally dipped into the market, often at a lower cost.In the second phase, new goods in expensive designer Collections. It is only the third phase, where the goods are for affordable mass market for most buyers.Most of all, buy the lot somewhere between the second and the third stage.Before two or three decades could have had a certain race to make it to the racetrack for the mass market, however, today the producers put fashion in rapid cycle. Now a hot trend is often look cheap or retail for a few days or months.In & out modaAbbigliamento trends in fashion at reasonable rates is a double-edged sword that makes purchasing budgets showing real life, at the same time the joints to eliminate the trend quickly. But when the market is completely saturated with a monotone tendency itself loses its appeal.So, how can we assume that how long a fashion trend will last? Let us know: in General, most trends in fashion for nearly a year, but some trends, acceptable in General anymore. It’s considered fashion trends re-emerge normally almost every twenty years. Then, mini skirts of the ‘ 80s are back in fashion again.The key to suppose, as long as a trend will last depends on when you bought together. If you have purchased when they forged or reductions will store, then the number for the latest trend is over one or two seasons. Normally the fashion industry dump set two seasons together, spring and summer, autumn and winter, which brings about six months before it seems seems obsolete.It’s really not that time how will last a fashion trend, you can put money on mode only as jeans hats, Ugg boots, etc. .. It does not mean you po

Plastic Surgey: The New Beauty Norm?

It is a good topic to discuss as much as showing the popularity of all the make-over. I’ve always been curious why people, especially women, have an idea that you expect to observe a certain way in order to “fit” with the company.Everyone wants to believe that saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but also a real and significant is that phrase when the viewer has been brain-washed, so to speak, by subscribing to the belief that beauty is artificial appearance, we see the glamour magazines, in television commercials and even children’s books? For a while, this image consists primarily of white women and white standard of beauty ‘. “I decided to take this issue of plastic surgery and the quest for beauty and see how it can affect some women in the African-American community. According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, are African-Americans, only about 6 percent of plastic surgery patients. Why is this? Do African-American women have a more positive self/body image or is that many cannot afford? And 6% after his operation, whose standards of beauty was trying to suck?I chose to begin my search for the standard of beauty in 1960. I chose this year because at the time aired a television program, which aims to teach the lessons of morality and by amazing stories. Two episodes of this series were very important and prophetic and both have encountered as they saw the beauty and the expectations for women to be “Nice”. Show that he was, the Twilight Zone. beauty in 1960 … Rod Serling gave us a tale of beauty and the beasts in the episode # 42 title: the eye of the beholder. Here is a brief summary of the show, i was in The Twilight Zone Guide: Janet Tyler eagerly awaiting the outcome of his recent surgery. Janet, who is abnormally face made it a pariah, had his 11th visit hospitals-most of the State. If that fails, you get to live in a village where others of this type are distinct. As his bandages are removed, it turns out to be nice. The doctor recoils in horror. Lamps, we see others, their faces are distorted and deformed. As Janet extends from his room in tears, faces another of its kind, a handsome man named Walter Smith. It is responsible for an outcast in the village, and it ensures that eventually she will feel that you hear. He said to remember the old adage: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although the show was filmed in black and white, we can clearly see that Ms. Tyler is Indo-European. The doctors seem to have a darker skin, but the idea was that viewers sympathized with MS. Tyler since she was the classic blonde beauty, thin commonly found in fashion magazines for 60 years. As the show ends, the Narrator speaks: “now, the questions that come to mind. ” Where is this place and if so, what kind of world in what ugliness is the norm and the beauty are deviations from this rule? The answer is, it makes no difference. Because the motto is be true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this year or so, one hundred years on this planet, or anywhere where there is human life, maybe out there among the stars. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson … in the twilight zone. “1964: the Series Episode # 137, continues in the fifth season, is called,” number 12 looks just like you “and was adapted from a story called” the beautiful people “. In this episode, we meet Marilyn, a young woman who is about to go through a rite of passage in his community. This ritual, called “The Transformation” and require citizens to choose between different types of bodies will be transformed. The message is that the company sees a single standard of beauty, and it’s not going to be happy if they look and work like everyone else. Opening narration: “given the chance, what girl wouldn’t happily exchange a flat face for a nice? ” What girl would refuse to be beautiful? Lack of a best estimate, call in the year 2000. Anyway, imagine a time in the future, when science has developed a way to give all face and body he dreams of. Can’t happen tomorrow-but now, it happens in the Twilight Zone ‘. “Once the beautiful people are all white and do not see women or black men. What was this beauty for black women reveal episode? Narration d