The Psychology of Beauty

Various theories of beauty and the role of perception in the judgment of beauty.The psychology of beauty is complex, not only because the concept of beauty is not yet defined, but also because it is largely true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or how individuals perceive other people or things. Beauty can be attributed to what appeals to our senses and all objects that are compatible with our personal preferences. Beauty that we perceive are largely a projection of our needs and beautiful objects or people simply meet our idealizations or fantasies and reflects our natural need to relate to everything that is attractive. People people are guided by the senses and tend to repeat processes or experiences that appeal to the senses, harmonious and that their shape and structure. Beauty appeals to our sense of vision, there is a preference to repeat the experience of beauty.But how we perceive beauty, and why some people or objects considered more beautiful than others? Psychological tests examined the symmetry and proportion which are extremely important in the perception of beauty. Beauty is also more specific, more extensive, as a beautiful object is considered as an attractive, rather than judging on the basis of its parts. Explanation the psychoanalytic or Freudian beauty is rare, but psychoanalytic concepts be allowed to believe our assessment of beauty as a projection or a fulfillment of desire, so interesting people are generally those who admire us, or who in any way represent our desires and fantasies. Psychoanalysis may also be compatible with the idea that beauty is perceived preference when there are similarities with a parent. Most people are considered beautiful when their baby-faced features, or a certain innocence on their faces. Beauty can also be culturally motivated as in some oriental cultures women with beautiful feet are considered attractive in Victorian times in England, women with grace and elegance were the ones with soft neckline and size small and modern Western women is assessed on their breasts, stockings and lips. Can change the perception of beauty, and some studies have shown that women may prefer more gentle characteristics during periods of special men and male characteristics at other times depending on the stage of their reproductive cycle. In fact, there are several theories about the beauty that is discussed here. 1. the Beauty of symmetry and proportions-as you may have noticed on the ancient architectural wonders, symmetry is very important. If it were the great pyramids in Egypt or the architectural wonders in Greece, symmetry and perfect dimensions played an important role in the history of aesthetics. This idea of symmetry also applies to an object or a person who we understand that even if a person in a perfectly symmetrical face would be considered a synonym for physical perfection. Functions perfectly shaped and sharp are attractive to most people and the most beautiful faces are those that have very proportional functions. It is the same for the body and hip ratio waist, giving a lower body well rolled the woman is seen as more attractive than a straight shape that generally do not indicate fertility. As people try to finally be considered a women with an evolutionary advantage to dispose of the most fertile and therefore more attractive to men. Similarly, men with athletic and muscular body appealing to women. Many men, however, prefer extremely voluptuous or curvy women not only as many women prefer not very muscular men. This indicates that the rate is also on temperance, or maybe people are more comfortable with a particular elected in what they perceive rather than excess and thus the perception of beauty can also be due to a kind of social programming. 2 Beauty as a whole, rather than part-when you look at something beautiful, we usually take a broad holistic approach. If we see a beautiful rose, then less attentive to each petal and take into account the symmetry of the flower as a whole. In the same way when we look in the face of a man or a woman, the beauty of compound quality that seems to represent the entire face of the individual rather than the parties or functions. Our minds prefer a holistic view and the view of things and, therefore, a person is considered to