Beauty is Everywhere

I see in the world, I see so many things to be thankful. Surrounded by beauty, I had no doubt that we live in a world full of the spirit that is becoming more and more real beauty that can appreciate. As if long, we just define the surface beauty, but as we grow, so our ability to appreciate the beauty will be in the us.With this, understand that we can only recognize and appreciate what is really nice when we have United with the essence of our beauty in ourselves. So many people struggle to find the beauty in the world when they are looking at. Afraid of what they face, they see a world full of anger, hostility and ugliness and because it is what they see, it becomes real to them and they continue to live the life of their car would be fulfilled prophecy.Neglecting their beauty, they have swallowed a pill which drastically alters the world of nightmare where they see. Away of the spirit, have chosen to adopt the ego, which always sees things in a distorted way. With the power and strength to do it, would the ego not for beauty, but to find that which can accumulate in the eyes of the world. Is concerned with the physical world and appeal to the inside, which is not at all interested in wisdom in the mind.Not wanting to be the protagonist of his own death, ego has a direct interest in maintaining the true source of beauty in his eyes. Don’t want to make you experience the beauty with breathtaking, trying to remain in a State of boredom where they ask no questions in life. Without a doubt it ceases to interact with life, and you deprive yourself of the answers that God wants to give you. This is what it means to be sensitive to life and suffering in the process.Called to be proactive, we grow our experience of life, if we we locked out what they are trying to teach us. Eager to show us the beauty of the world and in the us-even, is a teacher who arranged, but a teacher doesn’t matter to keep without student attendance. That is why we must be opened in the presence of beauty. With so much to give, there is much to learn about God’s beauty in all things.It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What does it mean for me, it is that everyone has the ability to find the beauty in different things. These are nice, others might label bad and vice versa. But not really what they’ve succeeded if something is pleasing to the eye or not? Absolutely is what matters, the seed of beauty in all things, which God created. With the beauty of the creator which permeates all of his creations, is that beauty really is there to see. the question then becomes what is the quality of the vision of the observer?Many can see the beauty in everything around them, but no longer. Selective in what they attribute to the “most beautiful” label, as these people have chosen to honor the spirit of the heart, it is to distinguish. See more that the mind is able to see, the heart knows that there is no point to assess, as it renders account that pronounced in what looks like a reduction in false light is doomed. As a part of the whole, is a big part poorly known; and contain only a part, dismissed as irrelevant. Saw this dangerous game being played when we choose to have the eyes of ego that we look at the world.See fragments of beauty that has infected by their own judgement, is so available and even less honored, God sees resents his presence. If you don’t the ego will lead you to tag it as ugly, everything is beautiful in appearance and content.Intense in his delirium, the ego is not always rational in its judgment, and also in its security, there is much to appreciate. Think of it as the arrogance of the ego often led to abandoning what else can be used. Cursed in his blindness, not for the wise advice to all those who are looking for a deeper experience of life.Want to live the love, see heart, city’s beauty inside the car. That cannot be separated from God, is the gift that God has given us to enjoy the world. Blessed with so much, we can find great joy when we look at the world with spiritual eyes. Not be hindered by what are shortcomings of the ego, we can see the love behind barriers and distinctions that are the miraculous mundane.Blessed in the spirit, we must not take for granted what is able to teach us who we really are. With wisdom, all creations of

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