Understanding Beauty

Beauty is a phenomenal concept that is as old as humanity. However, it is a concept that is very misunderstood. Different individuals listen to these different views of what beauty means that many end up confused, frustrated and frankly give. If someone had to walk right up to you and asked you to define beauty. What do you mean? Would you start describing a model of coverage that was seen in a popular magazine, or the colors of the Rainbow? Or would you consider a sweet melodious piece of music or even a romantic verse in a lover? All this can be defined in the concept of beauty, but one thing is clear, there is no exact definition of beauty. Beauty is something abstract and immaterial. It is something for something. Something, varies slightly from one individual to another. A popular definition of beauty is that it is a property of something that gives a sense of joy and satisfaction. Therefore, for the beauty of being perceived, should stimulate the senses to evoke a sense of joy, pleasure and satisfaction. According to this definition is the judge of what is beautiful, the person who is receiving or not receiving pleasure. How is this sensual beauty applicable between humans human? That makes it a is considered to be beautiful and attractive? A person is considered to be beautiful is necessarily attractive? These are complex issues that have no direct response. The idea of the society that we live in beauty is affected by several factors. First of all, there are cultural factors. Previously, each culture had separate criteria on which it is based. There are cultures that this chubby woman is considered beautiful. Since the fattening of girls before marriage was a common practice. Others have small feet to be beautiful. However, they have changed a lot in the modern era. With the advancement of technology and human interactions, differences in cultural preferences have been reduced to a minimum and almost, we now have a standardized way to show beauty. This is strongly influenced by the parameters defined by the houses of haute couture. The images they project to your audience, dress, walk, and physical style have increasingly the trend that the world should follow. But this is what we see on the podium in the true image of beauty? Fortunately, no. Human beauty is so rich in variety that we cannot set the parameters within which the set. It cannot be said with little authority is beautiful, blond is beautiful, thin is beautiful, green eyes are beautiful and so forth and condemn other features. There is no standard of beauty, and all are beautiful in their own way. It can only be biased due to the society around the individual. That’s why you should find a man married to a blonde has an affair with a brunette, or a woman of African or Oriental origin. Is simply wonderful and we cannot resist!So, if we are all beautiful, what’s the problem? There is no reason to worry or care about how you look? Yes that’s it! Certainly, it is necessary to take more interest in the way that you look. We live in a complex and highly socialized world. Image of beauty has become very commercialized. Non-compliance is to risk rejection. Studies have shown that what is considered beautiful has a Halo. A beautiful and attractive person get more attention, score the highest marks in class, get more help, get a better job and be paid more and more reliable. As if by chance, that is considered to be beautiful is better adjusted, confident and appear more intelligent. Then play an important role in our beauty life as we connect with others, and how we choose our mates. It is therefore responsible for ensuring that we are beautiful. How are we doing? Because we know that beauty is to evoke feelings of joy and satisfaction, among other things, we are therefore about to make sure that people are happy with what they see when they look at us. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We must strive to strengthen our forces and hide our weaknesses. The goal is not to be the most beautiful person around. It is unnecessary because no one is more beautiful. The goal is to make sure we’re presentable and acceptable in the society in which we live. This will improve our confidence in itself and, of course, our health. Beauty and health to happiness, we will discuss tips on how to

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