The Mystique of Beauty – The Intuitive Capability of Man to Know Truth and Good

Beauty is the most difficult term to define one of the most easy to understand terms. We all know what is beautiful and what is not. There is a second for a person to know if a girl, a child, a man, a place, a song or a poem is beautiful or not. Even difficult to know because it is beautiful. All we know is that we love beautiful things and to feel good when you see or hear something beautiful.Random House dictionary defines “beauty” as a feature of a person, place, object, or idea that brings the experience of pleasure, meaning the perceptual satisfaction of the eye and the mind, due to sensory events which shape, color, sound, design, personality or pace.Still do not know, what are the characteristics that make it a beautiful thing? Given that beauty rests on the perception of the person, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is only skin deep, it means that the beauty is superficial and without substance.The opposite of beauty is ugly, it is what gives us a bad feeling. When we see something bad, we just don’t like it and want to close our sensory input and spirit. Everyone wants to see the beauty and become beautiful and fear of being ugly. While we see a beautiful thing or that you meet someone nice, we just continue to watch. Einstein used the concept of beauty in order to explain the theory of relativity, how much time can expand or contract the “spend 30 minutes with a beautiful young girl, looks like a minute. Spend a minute sitting on a hot stove, it looks like half an hour. “”Beauty is so important to the human who can do just about anything to be beautiful or the good things in life. The continuation of human life seems to be beautiful or acquire the good things in life. Beauty is such a powerful attraction that it baffles all logic and rationality of the person and sometimes it becomes a fatal attraction. Because beauty is such a strong force?Beauty means truth and beneNelle of the ancient philosophies, the material body is meant to be a reflection of the soul, the sparkle of the universal soul or God. So if the person is good, is that the person has a beautiful soul. The beauty of the soul is that people do good works in the world. People find their relatives and friends, because they are good for them, We can hardly find any beauty in our enemies, because they are not good for us. When a friend becomes an enemy, the same person to be beautiful.In Indian philosophy called God for having three events in this world that is the truth, good and beautiful (Satyam, Danilo e Roberta). Therefore, when we find something beautiful, just because it is truth and goodness in it.Researchers Discover secrets (truth) in nature, because the find beautiful universe (hard to imagine?). Einstein said: “I have deep faith that the universe is simple and beautiful.”Jules Henri PoincarĂ©, a famous mathematician and French researchers said “the scientist does not study nature because it is good; She was studying because he took pleasure in it, and it takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful. If nature is not beautiful, it would be good to know, and if nature was not good to know, life is not worth living “.”The truth is, therefore, for the beauty of blockages. A scientist, the universe is not dead, but looks Nice and aesthetic template in nature, allowing him to found the secrets of nature. While most people find the world a bad place because its imperfectness, inequality, injustice, disease, a poet looks in the same beautiful world and create poetry. A poet can make beautiful poem, if he finds the beauty of nature and the human being human. A logical person or a critique of the world can never find these truths in the world, how he may never see the beauty in this world.BellezzaDal time-showing that beauty needs no logic, people often accuse the beauty to be superficial. Rational people or scientists do all the facts to be true, if it is objectively verified by experiments and surveys. Often the perception of beauty who blames partly and prejudices which developed individuals is changing.We all know that a human body is nice, if it is within a specific range of weight depending on the height of the person. We do not like the beautiful body, if it is too thin or too thick. Still don’t know why only a weight

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