Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Can we know what the real beauty and goodness? There is objectivity in these attributes, or who are simply perceived as? Let us concentrate on what God created women to be and what the company told them to be. The truth is women career women with the exception of their feminine nature. in admiration of others depend on for self-esteem; or only physical objects of enjoyment? Or are asked to find the truth of his dignity in the model of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, which reflects and participates in the divine truth, beauty and goodness to all creation is called to reflect and share?The question of truth, beauty and goodness is one that has fascinated people for centuries. The pagan philosophers try to identify what is true, good and beautiful. For the Christian, but no other answer than that the triune God is the true, the beautiful and the good. From its essence is God of all three. Everything else is just for participating. We know this because God chose to reveal himself to us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2500 says that “even before revealing himself to man of words of truth, God reveals himself (people) through the universal language of creation.” All creation reflects its creator. Thus, we see something of beauty itself. Truth, beauty and goodness, which is called “transcendentals”, are inseparable from each other because I’m a player that the Trinity is one. Truth is beautiful in itself. And goodness describes what God has done. “God saw everything he had made, and it was very good” (01: 31).The man is on top of the work of the creator, as the Scriptures clearly distinguish the creation of human beings for other creatures. “God created man in his image …”. “(01: 27). Therefore, the man was not only good and Nice, but it has also been established in friendship with their creator and in harmony with themselves and with creation around him, in a State that can be resolved only by the new creation in Christ’s glory. The inner harmony first harmony between man and the first woman (Adam and Eve) and the harmony between the first pair and all creation, called “original justice.” This original righteousness all harmony has been lost through the sin of our first parents. The man created in a State of Holiness, aimed to completely be “deified” of God in glory. But he prefers himself to God and obeyed the command of God, Adam and Eve soon lose the grace of Holiness, and the original was destroyed harmony in which they had lived. They were separated by beauty itself. God, but not left mankind, all of which share the sin of Adam, because “by one man’s disobedience many were made by fishermen” (ROM. 05.12). In time, God sent his son to restore what has been lost. The Son, who is “Nice on the sons of men”, we came to restore beauty.Therefore, we now for the beauty. Von Balthasar once said that when trying to entice others to God, it should start with the beauty to beauty beckons. Bring beauty to truth and goodness. So while we will start is so beauty beauty. I will make a distinction between two types of beauty, even if one of them is the beauty in the true sense of the definition. There is “seductive” beauty, which often results in our current culture. We want our self-destruction (morally or spiritually). Keeps us from what we were created for Union with the beauty itself. This kind of beauty that I’ll be back, but first of all, I would like to establish a definition and a good understanding of what real beauty is. The first is what draws us to our true happiness and good luck. In his book beauty and holiness of beauty, John Saward, drawing from the work of St. Thomas Aquinas, define beauty: “iridescent or real substance form exists in the proportional part of material things. In other words, while you can find beauty in looks, go more in depth the nature or essence of the thing. “Thus in a material substance (eg. people) the beauty when the essence of a thing is demonstrated by its outer appearance ‘. ” The beauty of the soul can say to shine through a person’s face. It does three things are necessary-integrity (integrity), because of the share (harmony) and luminance (brightness). It is important to note that part of this definition is that beauty is a reality in itself, I

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