The Personal Power of Beauty

Beauty is infinite, beauty is health, beauty is truth and beauty is potereChe what is personal power beauty?Beauty is the radiation power and your personal beauty has the power to brighten your world for a more brilliant and generous. There is an abundance, joy, passion, sensuality and pleasure to have in your beautiful life and work with your personal power beauty is a strategy to assert further. Your personal power beauty is a treasure for your eyes, a way to be bold and powerful way for you to proceed. Beneath the surface of the skin is the story of your beauty, and this is the story to be told.Personal power beauty is a magic tool that improves all aspects of your existence for a more majestic and beautiful. Beauty is the source of your personal magic; is the essence of who you are, you connect to the other and the abundance of this planet.What is beauty? Where will? Who has it? If you believe that beauty is something that you know you have on you? Or beauty seems like something elusive and by you?All people are beautiful, and it is our fundamental nature to this glorious truth.The beauty is internoAnni there, I saw an announcement that I liked Burt bee products. The picture was of a group of bikers Harley-guy, you know, heavy men whole, hairy and grimacing, looking a bit scary. The legend of advertising said “beauty is indoors. Could not be more clear, like packaging, this is where you will find true beauty lies. This statement, I cracked only, just think of it always makes me smile. the message was clear, powerful and well defined. Beauty comes from within, rayon through skin and vibrates all around us.Everyone has their own personal beauty, is only the essence of who we are, our signature or thumb impression our exclusively. Our staff or inner beauty beauty comes from the heart, our love. Our heart of love is the lifeblood of our spirit and the strength of our spirit life spring all the source of life: God, Goddess, spirit, energy, vibration, the creator, nature, divine or force is the same source. What you believe to be the divine spark of life in you. It would be the same as the magic in your life. But we understand life in its complexity and its perfect and thus never so air is the breath and the fire of your spirit, all derived from the origin of life and the beauty you are part of the package. Our beauty is divine light through every cell of our being. Can never be anything but very nice, you are life and life itself is beauty.Once you understand the origin of the beauty in you, then you have access to its potential of abundance, power and the ability to view change. The power of your beauty is already integrated in your gasoline, ready to shine. But run it through your beliefs about yourself and the actions you take for truth, beauty, and love. You were born with the tools to become a channel for this very interesting and most influential vibrations. You are the vehicle for this sacred spring shimmer and shine.Beauty is truth, truth beauty “beauty is truth, truth beauty. That’s all you know on Earth, and that you need to know. “-John Keats. We live in a world where our notions of beauty is decided by the collective conscience, the standards of our society. Many of us, especially the women, are the victims of what is known as the “beauty myth”. A world where the rules of fashion, body ideal types are more and the way we see and be intended to sell or consume products “means products of beauty, fragrances, diet pills, hair, fashion magazines, showers etc. But that’s not what real beauty is. The truth is that we are creatures already fully complete, we are all perfect, because we are all perfect. What is true, is that beauty is in everything and everywhere. Everything on Earth and in the universe is of divine origin. Unfortunately, many of us have learned to honor our beauty on the way. We were warned against being too vain or said they were not quite beautiful, and unfortunately many people very well never had their natural valuable reflected back to them, Hiding our beauty in the shadows, super models complain on sites that are horrible. So subtle and not so subtle that we have been marginalised and are given guidelines

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