The Mirror of Beauty

The probe of the human spirit has marked every inch of success, but the art to draw parallels with what beauty is, it remains a great mystery. For some philosophers is beauty the degree of attraction and admiration caused as an observer. But it has been argued that beauty itself does not affect everyone in the same way. It varies greatly. Some believe that thanks are defined as a level of perfection, but perfection in one field may not be of interest to an observer. Beauty is, therefore, very difficult to explain, but you can tell that it’s a game of comparison. Assume that there is only one woman in the world, now question whether it is beautiful or not. The answer is that you can’t say anything because you don’t have to compare with another woman.But sailing across the sea of imagination, realizing that there is a factor that determines the degree of beauty, which is a dictionary, which resulted in deaths and affecting the level of beauty. Holy Word of human history will be Peeking out of the wind of truth and strongly proclaim that Juliette was a goddess for a Romeo a God himself and the rest of the dust particles. Heer ranjha was sufficient for him and for her, to bring to life, as well as a few flakes of love. But remember, for all lovers of the world of the world is invited to a party to ask which of them all is the most beautiful, that must surely mark the acknowledgment of a beauty the hearts and souls of their beloved who is in fact not their bigotry, but a natural fact that ‘ beauty is in the eye of the beholder.One day a great historian whispered in my ear, a story … “it was a King so fascinated by the beauty that he called his negro slave more loyal and faithful and ordered to go from East to West and North to South and take him as an role model of beauty that would have increased with such beauty neither Moon nor ocean oysters would have created these magnificent pearls; or the Lord by heaven had been so fascinating is not the preachers of beauty could give that enclose, any artist would create such amazing portrait, or a poet from the depths of his imagination could call these compelling lines; or a dove rise pinion on the beautiful Aphrodite not only would have noticed this excellence. And if I tell you, this is the most beautiful mind God ever created, then applicants beauty should say: “we like pieces of coal in a mine and has a diamond among us.” So, my husband is the head Crown of my faith, whose shoulders stamped star shine conviction and whose boobs obedience than medals. Go introduce myself the beauty that should be commended and the twinkling stars. “Negro servant bowed and walked quietly to the heights where the Sun has drilled his fingers radiating in the dark curtains of night, where you can enjoy cocktails inspired by Shakespeare and Shelley, where he found the portrait of Mona Liza and where the Moon gets its light; and so went through the Plains and the mountains, deserts, valleys unfathomable the heavenly city cure and every inch of this world where life seemed to be breathing.After untiring efforts he went to the King, sent what looked like a goddess, a daughter of the Negro. At this, the King asked, “couldn’t find a soul who is more beautiful than this? ”He remained silent for a while, then lifted his head and said: “your Excellency, my blood has to be inundated in the feet if I speak the truth. She asked me to Aphrodite, but I took my Negro girl; Why was my loyalty. Your Excellency, for you, black skin can look like charcoal in the dark, but for me, it’s beautiful, like his pink back or a diamond. You hair can appear as a witch from some old myth dancing in the Woods, but for me her hair is none other than the tendon in paradise. You wrinkled hands can seem like a view of the abandoned this land, but to me, they seem as dii, decide the fate of the world that have developed these lines on this topic. You eyes may seem like the angels when the body’s eyes are wrong, but to me is success. You broad nose may appear as dark, inscrutable and caves of the age of stone, but for me that is not less than the sheets. Noah therefore your Excellency, my obedience and loyalty that you forced me to give up my daughter. “when historians smiled and said: ‘ Yes! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “in Search

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